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Swivel air vent :

clair B’s unique swivel vent provides 180 degrees rotation, giving you the ultimate coverage of breathing fresh and cool air.

Easy to carry :

Running at 5 volt gives you maximum portability. You can easily connect and run using your computer, cigar jack in the car, smartphone charger or portable power bank.

Innovative Combination :

Combination of clair’s e2f technology and plama ionizer ensures the highest efficiency of air filteration.


clair B’s innovative technology is fully tested and approved by Research consortium for PM2.5.

clair B’s particle filtration technology consists of two steps :

    1. charging section for incoming particles.
    1. Trapping section for charged particles.

In the first step, a plasma ionizer (a high voltage module) fills a chamber with negative & positive ions. Incoming particles will then collide with the ions that will transmit their energy to the particles, giving the particles a negative & positive electrostatic charge. In the second stage, clair’s e2f filter traps the particles using the permanent static electricity charged on both sides of the filter.

What is e2f filter?

e2f filter has (+), (-) on their both sides. The air passes in zigzag through the narrow tunnel of the polymer resin film that has permanent static electricity. The fine dust in the inner part sticks to the film due to the electrostatic phenomenon of the both sides, therefore it can easily catch the fine dust that is nano-size(less than um). Almost every floating dust has polarity, so it it goes through e2f filter by fan forcibly, it will be stacked on filter, causing pulling capacity between filter’s polarity and dust’s polarity. Some of none polarity dust will be attached making induced electrostatic while passing through e2f filter. It is a same principle that many dust stick to the computer monitor and TV.


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