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Clair-B, world's first portable wireless air purifier equipped with Bluetooth speaker, ensures fresh air and enjoyable sound anytime, anywhere you go.

Cleaner Air and Cool Sound Anytime, Anywhere!

a charging section for incoming particles

a deodorization filter to eliminate odors

Easy to carry

MAF Technology

Its compact size and built-in rechargeable battery lets you enjoy cleaner air anywhere.

a trapping section for charged particles

This 3-stage system exceeds HEPA standards by achieving 99.79% filtration contaminant particles as small as 0.1 micrometers.

Bluetooth speaker

Any music, nature sound, and white noise that your smart device plays, clair-B can play.

The 3-stage Magnetic Air Filtration (MAF) technology consists of

Swivel air vent

Simply turn the vent clockwise towards the any direction that you want and enjoy cool, clean air


Poorly maintained HVAC systems, laser printer emissions and off-gassing from furniture and appliances can all take their toll on you. clair-B works to clean the air while you work.

Big help for little lungs



Putting fresh air to work


clair-B's portable format can be easily carried along from nursery to stroller and can be safely tossed in a diaper bag for travel.

A driving force in air purification

Instead of fussing with air fresheners that only mask unpleasant smells, clair-B eliminates smoke, bacteria and odor in your vehicle so you can enjoy fresh air on the go.


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